Post updated - Calf Club kids! The girls are still a week away from giving birth so here is some preliminary information about how to get one of our calf club kids! 🙂 Please read this entire post thoroughly.

This season, we will have both boys and girls available to purchase for $80 each kid. 

**Girl kids are sold on the premise that they are returned to Oete Goat Farm after calf club day, and the $80 purchase price will be refunded upon return**

Your kid will be sold to you at 7-10 days old and will be established on Ankid Milk Powder. We highly recommend using Ankid as it is specifically made for goat kids. We will have this available at the farm for purchase for $100/20kg bag. 1 kid requires 1 bag to get to weaning age.

Part of your purchase price will include a discount voucher for Franklin Vets to get your kid debudded and vaccinated. This is a requirement for all female kids coming back to Oete. This procedure will need to be booked in at Franklin Vets clinic within the first week after picking up your kid 🙂

On the day of pick up, we will have a selection of kids to choose from. We will endeavour to select coloured and awesome looking kids, as well as white ones where possible. On the day it will be first in first served for choice 🙂

Once you have text ordered your kid, Please respect that this is an incredibly busy time of year for Oete staff who are giving our girls all the attention they deserve 24 hours a day at this time of year to pick up times will be strictly 10am-12pm each Sunday. We will send a confirmation text that we have received your order but this may take up to 24 hours to process.

At pick up, we will also provide an information pack on all other aspects required for rearing a happy and healthy goat kid and will have staff on hand to answer any questions 🙂

To place your order, please text 1. Your name. 2. How many girls and/or how many boys you want, 3. Which Sunday date you will pick up your kids (earliest date will be 14/7/19). To phone number +64 21 080 41972. This is the only way to order your kids. Cheers from the Oete team 

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