Our Staff Resourse

This is staff resource (not to be distributed) to ensure our workplace is safe, and enjoyable place to work. Were a team and it's our collective responsibilty to ensure the animals an the milk they produce are kept in the best possible condition.  

Animal Health 

is everyone responsibility, if you see any animal displaying any of the below symptoms - tel or send a message with photo to the member of staff on duty who handles this area of the farm.

Quick links to common illness syptoms

Mastitis - Udder Infections

Brief Description 

Mastitis is an inflammation of the udders, often caused by poor hygiene or trauma to the goat's skin. It can be caused by viral, bacterial, or fungal infections, though bacterial infections seem to be the most prevalent.


Isolate the affected goat(s). If one or more of your goats has mastitis, you'll want to separate the affected goats from the rest of the herd, contact herd manager on duty. 

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Brief Description 

What is it, and how is it caused. 


The first steps a staff member should take to reduce the risk of spreading, animal distress and end product contamination. 

Click here for more information on treatment

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